Hi there,
I thought it would never happen and the feeling hasn't sunk in yet but Iím donnneee, no more classes eveeeeeeerrrrrrr. So itís time to sell some of my stuff.

For sale I have a 2001 Yamaha dirt bike. I shipped the bike from Toronto to Nevis about 6 months ago to have some fun for my last two semesters on the island. And what can I say it was a blast.
The bike is a 450cc and itís very powerful. It can go up any road and pass all the cars that they have here. Its a 5 speed manual with a kick start (so it has NO battery and you donít have to worry about changing it)

Included in the price are:
Bike cover
2 spare tubes

Bike is currently located in Nevis but I can ship it to St. Kitts on Friday 7th of December. A day before I leave the island. If you are interested to get it sooner or like to make arrangements to ship it to your place of residence please contact me and i will try to help you.

It cost me $4500 to bring the bike here, so I think $3500 is a fair price to sell it at.

If you are interested or have any questions/Pictures Txt me @ 765-8240 thatís a Nevis number. Thanks