1 bedroom fully furnished apartment for rent near Grand Anse Shopping Center

* On the SGU bus route
* Cable and internet
* Close to the bank and shopping center
* Fenced-in property
* Landlord lives on property

Available June 01st 2010

For more information call 444-4274 or 538-7500

Side note:
I am the person currently living in the place and I am posting it for my land lady cause she has been really nice to me and it really is a nice place. I am moving because I just finished my basic sciences and off to start my 3rd year back at home in Michigan.
Very pet friendly...seriously the best landlord in Grenada which is apartment b/c most of them here are just straight up crazy and many of them have shady tendencies.
This is a great place for family, people w/ pets, and people who just need a safe and welcoming environment and this is just my personal opinion.
The bust stops right in front of the house....very close to IGA, Food fair, and the bank.
You have really nice and quiet neighbors and even though the land lord lives on site you will hardly ever see them..so there is nothing to stress about except for grades.
I'll post pics later...need to get batteries...so yeah don't worry about it. It's a nice place.