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Thread: The Pros and Cons of SGU: Facts and Opinions from Students and Alumni

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    The Pros and Cons of SGU: Facts and Opinions from Students and Alumni

    Hey guys. I know this has been talked about a lot with different aspects discussed sporatically, but I'm considering these two and I want to compile some of the information into one thread. Also, I'm posting this in the AUC forum (with the reverse title).

    Anyway, why did/would you pick SGU over AUC? Also, can you describe the campus and location, along with the technology available on campus and the campus buildings and lecture halls and what they offer you? Is there food on campus? How's the library? How is the housing situation (on and off campus), along with the safety of those places? How are the classes and labs? Did you feel prepared for the USMLE exams? If I wanted to pursue a moderately competitive residency (right now I think radiology, but of course that could change), what would be my chances of landing a residency coming from this school? Lastly, can you more indepthly describe life on the island? I know many say you don't have "any time" to do anything but school, but I know that's quite the exaggeration. How are the restaurants and quality of life on the island? Does it feel third world or does it feel comfortable?

    Thanks so much guys.

    kgirl here, been requested to make this a sticky, use this to ask questions and add info about SGU vs. the other Carib/International schools. Keep it civil and thanks for all the future postings! Cheers
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrmodmd View Post
    Perhaps we can all re-connect in about 4 years from now to pick up where we left off. Thanks again everyone for your comments - great to know there are some passionate feelings out there about "doing the right thing for the right reasons". Without a doubt, we share that same sentiment - striving to do the right things for the right reasons.
    Well it's been a good 8 years... I wonder how the whole med school and ophthalmology residency plan turned out...

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