Hey guys,

After all the hard work of calling medical boards I have invested my time and have started to put together a binder with all 50 states medical boards rules and regulations for foriegn med schools. I will have it completed by the start of the jan. term. It will be housed in admin at the front desk. Anyone who wishes may make a copy of the state(s) rules and regulations are welcome to do so. I will also include contact name address and phone numbers.
As we all know this will not have all the answers but it will serve as a guide line with the rules from every state so we will have the foundation and any additional questions or concerns can be addressed with the proper person. It will also provide us with the facts and aid in obtaining information that might otherwise be over looked due to simply not knowing what to ask.
I hope this will help with the questions of where we can be licensed and what is required.
If anyone has any questions pm me and I will be glad to help.
I have also added some links for more information.


http://imed.ecfmg.org/search.asp this link will take you the search when looking for st. chris pick senegal and both sc schools will come up.

you can also go to the world health web site and go to school search look up st. chris it will be listed under new schools and find the page that senegal is listed and read the requirements for sc to be charted in senegal

I dont have the site address off hand but i will find it and post as soon as i get chance.