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    Core Clinical Rotation Order?


    On the St. Chris website it says:


    12 Weeks of Internal Medicine
    12 Weeks of General Surgery
    6 Weeks of Ob/Gyn
    6 Weeks Pediatrics
    6 Weeks Psychiatry

    Is this the order rotations have to be done in? Or do some have to be done in a certain order and others can be arranged according to preference? Or there is no particular order and they can be arranged according to personal preference?

    Don't know very much about clinical rotations, so insightful information is appreciated. Thanks.


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    There is no order neccesarily. It is all personal preference. There are ways to go about it though. For example:

    If you want to do an internal medicine residency and you want to impress the people you are gonna rotate with, it might be wise to do some other rotations first to get some clinical experience before you start your IM rotation. Same goes for any other speciality.

    Also, if you can't take your boards right away, doing a psych rotation first (since it is easy) might be good so that you have a chance to study as well as get a rotation out of the way. That is what I am doing as well as many of my friends.

    IMO, it is best to do all of your cores before staring any electives so that they are all done and you can take step 2 whenever you are ready. However, I knew a guy who really wanted to do anesthesiology and was bored with cores, so he did a anesthesia rotation in between cores to get his motivation back.

    Some rotations have pre-req's though. Like ER, in most places you can not do an ER elective until you have done your surgery and IM rotation.

    For the most part though, you get to choose how and when you do which rotations (as long as there is availability of course).
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