Trust Jasher! Jasher knows!

Spartan will become the best of the best! They are on their way...

love, kindness, honesty, warmth, transparency, and good will will shine through!

Contact Spartan if your greatness also shines through!

You can make it if you have great study habits and you are dedicated to a career in medicine.

These are my opinions, but through radical transparency and triangulation you might just make it!

Spartan offers reasonable tuition, a modest USMLE first-time pass rate (you don't want a Caribbean medical school to have a super high USMLE pass rate---trust me on that! It is counterintuitive prima facie, but makes sense when you understand why).

Just as I can see Spartan's rise before me, if you can see your own and can hold your own and can reach for greatness with both hands, CONTACT SPARTAN!