I read my inbox today, and realize there are over 20 new messages throughout the year of people still asking, why I transfer out and if there is anything shady about spartan!!
First of all, I feel very honor that everyone still remembers me , and thank you so much for reading my posts.
Rest assure there is nothing shady about spartan, it's a great institution that produce thousands of doctors.
They have fixed their clinical problems and are still working hard to help all their students.
For half the messages I receive that claim that I'm keeping secrets about the school losing accreditation, well let me tell you they have never loss accreditation that itself is a silly rumor. That is not the reason why I transfer out. I have already listed reasons why I transfer out on this link: http://www.valuemd.com/spartan-medic...-school-2.html

The main reason is I want to choose my own affiliated hospital so I can be near my family. Unfortunately, Spartan told me I'm not allowed to choose my own rotations, so I decided to leave. I was shock that they would deny me of this option, but I came to terms that it's their rules and regulations. I know they have other issues in their clinical rotation sites and contract issues that drove me insane, but if they were to let me pick my own rotation and my own hospital, then I would have stayed, but I guess that is life, and I left in good terms and very grateful for the knowledge they gave me. A couple months later, I realize spartan has obtain affiliation in the hospitals and state I want to do my rotation in. I felt really bad for not waiting around, it would have worked out in the end, but I guess it wasn't meant to be

The message I'm trying to get across is, students from spartan and from different caribbean schools transfer in and out all the time, it's normal. It doesn't mean the school is bad, it just means there are things that the school and the student disagree on, that's all no big deal.