So the Investigation of Wyckoff hospital ended several months ago - no transgressions were found.

Thought this was important to post because unfounded allegations being made at the time had an impact not only on those involved but students in and looking to attend SHSU. In reality there has been no impact on the school. There was absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing - hence no indictment(s).

It appears as if several people strong-armed themselves into the hospital by creating an environment of division, doubt, and lack of trust; with total disregard for those in their way. One oddity worth noting is that the very same recommendation made by at least one state official (That Wyckoff merge with other hospitals) was rejected once that person became CEO.

The allegations that were made likely hurt some of those who I believe had the Hospital (and patients within it) best interest central to all of their efforts.

To sum up (since this post is really related to any effect on the school) - there has been none and the school is still moving forward and growing.