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    Did some research on Spartan - I`m honestly shocked!

    I am in the process of applying to Caribbean Med Schools - and keeping my options open in case the Big 4 don't work out. I was trying to find out information about Spartan and I was stunned to say the least.

    Here is what I got;

    (1) From the Texas Medical Board Website
    -Apparently Spartan has had some legal problems with the State of Texas.

    "Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine

    El Paso, Texas; New Mexico; Mexico; St. Lucia

    No degree-granting authority from the CB & no accreditation from a CB recognized accreditor. On 12/4/1986, enjoined from violating Texas law & assessed $6,000 in attorney’s fees. On 8/28/1997, cited for contempt of court & paid fines of $10,000 & attorney’s fees of $10,000. AKA Spartan University of Health Sciences. AKA St. Lucia Health Sciences University. Disapproved by the California Medical Board for licensure or training 06-13-85. Disapproved by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana as of 10/18/1984."

    (2) An article I found;
    -This is just horrific to read.

    "These conditions have convinced officials in six states, including California and Texas, that licensing its graduates poses an unacceptable risk to patients. Some states won't even allow Spartan students to train in their hospitals.

    Those are drastic measures. Only a handful of the 1,642 medical schools located outside the United States and listed by the World Health Organization have been banned by any U.S. medical board"

    (3) From the Medical Board of California's Website.
    -There are only 10 International Medical Schools out of 1,642 that are banned in California - and Spartan is one of them - and this has been the case for 25 years!!!

    International Medical Schools Disapproved by the State of California

    "The Licensing Program has formally disapproved the international medical schools listed below. Therefore, neither education completed at, nor diplomas issued by, these schools will be accepted toward meeting the requirements for training and/or licensure in this state.

    "5. Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia
    Date Disapproved: 06-13-85"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crane View Post
    I suspect this stuff is posted by IAU which is run out of a top floor of a shopping center in town.
    Ha ha..Good one.

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