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Thread: SHSU or Xavier?

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    SHSU or Xavier?


    Hi everyone,
    I've been stuck in a pickle about this decision between going to SHSU or Xavier. Now before anyone says either is crap, I'm a transfer student coming from an MBBS degree, so my degree is meant to be 5 years with no premed. I needed to go back to the US, so I'm making this transfer and only few schools accept it. Now here's where my problem comes in.
    I'm currently in my third year, I've finished my basic sciences and have taken the course for behavioral science, BUT it has not be actually tested on because that test is taken next year and I'm leaving in September. So, that kind of screws up my transcripts. Now here are my two offers from these two universities, and mind you that the university I've come from does not focus on USMLE prep nor do we have any USMLE style questions either.

    Spartan offered me 4th trimester. This means I go in and take behavioral as well as theory for the clinical courses, such as Surgery, Pediatrics, and OB/GYN. And the following 5th trimester for review, then USMLE then clinical rotations (which seem to be in really good hospitals in the US).

    Xavier offered me 5th trimester in NYC. Their 5th is Kaplan USMLE prep and introduction to clinicals. Then USMLE then clinical rotations, which from what I see, are in hospitals which are NOT as good as Spartan. (plus it doesn't seem to be NY approved or FL approved. The option of FL is really nice to have seeing as how I grew up there and have family and friends there).

    So which would you chose? Spend an extra trimester to get my transcripts sorted out so I won't have an issue when the residency programs ask? Does Xavier even offer theory for clinical rotations, or do they offer it and I'll be missing out? Which university is just better overall? Also, if I attend Spartan, I'll be taking a Falcon review course for USMLE before I start (even though its like 6 months before my actually USMLE) just to review and start preparing for it, because my current university doesn't focus on USMLE. So, what do you think?
    Thank you to everyone in advance.

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    I would go for SHSU (but I am biased being a student there). The option of NY does have its benefits and the courses you will take will probably assist you while preparing for Step 1 and 2. The fifth trimester for review has the obvious benefits for step. I really think you will gain more from 4th and 5th tri's at SHSU. I do not know what xavier offers, you may want to post the question in their forum or call them directly to compare.
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