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    Michael Reese Hospital (Chicago)


    Residency: Internal Medicine

    Clinical Rotations: Internal Med,

    (Participating hospital for University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago OB/GYN Residency Program)

    Website: http://www.michaelreesehospital.com/

    Quick facts:http://www.michaelreesehospital.com/Hospital.htm
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    Cost/ wk

    Does anyone know how much electives are per week at Michael Reese if you attend SMU? If so, please post.

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    OB/Gyn core rotation at Michael Reese Hospital

    Michael Reese is a large hospital complex located south of downtown Chicago. It was a great hospital in the seventy's but has seen it's best times with a migration of it's affluent population to the suburbs. It's not far from Soldier Field and McCormick Place. An unmanned Metra train station is within walking distance and there is a bus stop at the hospital and other bus stops within .25 miles. There are unfurnished apartments at buildings( Prairie Shores?) across the street from the main hospital building.

    Hope this helps others:

    1) The core rotation is green and is sponsored by the Univ. of Illinois.
    2) A total of six other medical students (2 SMU, 2 Ross, 1 St. Eust & 1 AUA) were doing the rotation.
    3) The rotation was divided into two weeks of: OB inpatient, OB/Gyn surgery and OB/Gyn clinic.
    4) Hours were 7 am --5:30 pm. , one day/night on-call per week.
    5) OB in-patient: Lots of down time but was actively involved with ten normal births. You will be busy/waiting from admission on. Be ready to catch and cut.
    6) OB/Gyn surgery. Surgery was finished by noon but you still had to stay on the floor until 5:30 pm.
    7) Clinic. Very busy clinic. Wish I knew more Spanish.
    8) Dr. G was my preceptor. He was fair but quiet. No scut work and just light pimping.
    9) Our exam. was on the final day. Hard test but many questions right out of "Blueprint".
    10) Lectures were given every weekday. Personally I had to give a presentation for each section of the rotation. One or two grand rounds weekly.

    In summary, the hospital is old but it was a good rotation. Most attendings were informative and the staff was excellent. Lots of hours and hands-on work.


    Western Kentucky University Grad

    (X) OB/GYN, Michael Reese Hosp.,Chicago
    ( ) PSYCH ,Mt. Sinai, Chicago /starting soon
    I have nothing to say..................

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