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    SGU AVMA Site Visit


    Doesn't mean much to me anymore, but to any current and/or future students this is POTENTIALLY big. I know Ross is pursuing this too, but IF approval happens SGU will be the top destination for Caribbean vet students.

    SGU Message from the Dean

    Which reads:

    October 6, 2010
    Dear Faculty Members, Staff, and Students,
    We received a letter of confirmation from Dr. ***** Granstrom, Director of the AVMA Educational Services Division, advising us that a Council on Education Comprehensive Site-Visit Team will be in Grenada from April 16-20, 2011. I was happy to receive the confirmation to pass on to you.
    The School of Veterinary Medicine is proceeding with the premise that all faculty members, staff members, and students are dedicated to the common goal of excellence in veterinary medical education. Through full, positive, cooperative efforts and full, positive communication, we will be able to correct our deficiencies and attain educational excellence through the accreditation process.
    If you have any questions about the ongoing accreditation process, please give me a call.
    Raymond F. Sis, **, DVM, MS, PhD
    Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine
    St. George’s University
    Good luck!

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    Im so excited! The decision should be known in September

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