For those of you who cannot decide which caribbean vet school to attend, Ross would be the biggest mistake of your life. EVERY SINGLE thing that I was told about the university was NOT exaggerated. One thing that I did not expect was the lack of support from the professors. Being in those classes from 8-3 was a waste of my time. That's 7 hours I could have been studying productively! It's a great school if you want to feel claustrophobic. Seriously, once you arrive to St. Kitts, you are on your own. If you can teach yourself everything and not let out side things affect your studying, then that school is for you. The one good thing about Ross is that you get to finish in 2.5 years, but that's without having a life for that whole time you're there. Most of the students who were in the upper semesters were miserable as well, so it definately does not get any better.