As I'm weighing my options and trying to decide which DVM program to attend, I came upon this old article, from 2008, discussing the unethical surgeries that Ross students used to be forced to perform on dogs. While they may not be forced to perform on dogs anymore, they were, at least at the time of the article, still forced to perform on donkeys.

Is there any of this going on at SGU?

I can't post links, so here's an excerpt from the article...

At Ross University, students needlessly cut open the stomachs, intestines, and urinary bladders of nearly 100 healthy dogs every year, among other horrors. After PETA's protests, the school ended its cruel dog surgeries and now only perform beneficial spay and neuter training procedures on dogs. However, other animals are still being needlessly mutilated and killed.

Distraught Ross students sent PETA undercover photographs that show sheep who suffered from infected wounds caused by tissue removal and improperly sutured skin flaps. Ross students sever the nerves in donkeys' toes, cut their ligaments, insert a plastic tube through their noses and into their stomachs, surgically puncture their abdomens, cut their tracheas (or windpipes), and remove fluid from their joints. Afterward, the donkeys are killed so that students can practice amputating animals' bones and drilling into or scraping animals' skulls.