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    Applying to EM-- No SLOR or rotation early in 4th year


    I have found myself in a troubling situation regarding applying to EM and am hoping someone here might have some insight to offer. I am now questioning if it is even possible for me to apply this year.

    Here is my situation: I didn't decide upon EM until late in third year, and thus was unable to find a rotation early in 4th year. As of now, my earliest EM rotation is beginning Oct. 24- which creates a problem for the required SLOR. I only finished core rotations yesterday (August class in NJ).
    I am taking the next 4 weeks off to study (technically registered in a slack rotation) and then doing Step 2, Sept 16. Immediately after that I will be doing my Medicine Sub-I, at the same hospital I am doing EM at. I am *hoping* that I will be able to spend a substantial amount of time in the ED during my Sub-I and possibly even pick up some extra shifts in the ED, unofficially, to get the SLOR. I have emailed the clerkship director at this hospital asking to meet with her, at which time I will ask her if this is possible. I'm guessing it is a long shot, since there is already a waiting list and so many students wanting to do rotations, why would they let someone who isn't even registered then pick up shifts? Otherwise I will just be doing as many consults as possible during my Sub-I and hope that's enough for an EM letter, although I also think this is a long shot.

    Has anyone else been in or in a similar situation? At this point I feel desperate and like my options are limited. AS far as I see it right now my options are:
    a) Apply to EM and hope I can get that SLOR before Nov. 1
    b) Apply to prelim or transitional and reapply next year
    c) not apply at all this year

    To put things into perspective, I have solid Step 1 scores (244) and all A's so far in cores. Will not have Step 2 score until October. Anyone have any suggestions I haven't thought of?

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    i would say, yeah, apply to EM, but also apply to transitional and prelim spots as a back up so you can reapply next yr if EM is absolutely what you wanna do, because i would have to say you are waaaaay behind the 8 ball to make yourself competitive for EM.

    they put a great deal of store in the SLOR and without that you are not going to get many interviews, even if you had everything else in (which you do not).

    yeah the grades and the step I are good and all, but realize that the majority of applicants applying to EM have that AND they rest of their application complete....

    you prolly shouldn't have issues with being able to be in the ER on your off time and letting the PD know that you want to because you are that interested won't hurt you at all...it will m/l make a good impression on her.
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