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    PRE-MED not Valid


    Any one who wants to come to this school, email the medical board in USA, and CANADA to see if PRE-MED credits earned in this school will get you a license for residency or not.

    AMA Links to State Medical Boards

    I put the link and I can tell you guys this much, with my info, is not, you need a degree or credits from a US/CAD school. Windsor got approved only in TX since some laws, but no other medical boards requiring premed credit will count these credits earned here for residency license/ more . Off-course there are states with no pre-med laws, but guess what those states are either CA-or listed, NY or require the school to be 15 years old like KS.

    PS: TO ADMIN THERE IS GREENBOOK CLINICALS stop deceiving students.

    STUDENT RESEARCH OTHER SCHOOL AND READ VALUEMD AND PM ME I will help you all, or check out the link below
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