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    Think twice before attending this school

    I have never seen a medical school with such practises. I don't mention here the surrounding or building but the relationship administration to student.

    First of all this school is very political. We don't always have professors to teach us the subject. Some don't even know english and most are from India. When I look at it. It is obvious that these doctors they have to teach do not even have any clinical experience or qualification. Some did not even finished their medical school. Many good professors (With USMLE step 1 and 2 for a small amount step 3 in their luggage)left the school immediately after 1 semester of teaching.
    When it comes to examinations don't think that you gonna make it without injuries. A people for theirs if you understand what I mean. For example an Indian student failing a class will pass it because his Lecturer is Indian. Without mentioning the prostitution side of it...That I won't comment further. If you have intentions to transfer don't even think about it cuz the administrators will stop you by any means. Previous students did not make the task easy for those who will follow. No med schools in the world will accept your credits...My friend tried to go to another medical school and she was told that she will need to start from the beginning and get a degree as well. Premed is nonsense and of no value but to All Saints. Then try verifying your transcript to attend med school in the US or the Caribbean...you will quickly find out how the school will block your way. Add to this the intimidation and threats for even stating your intentions to transfer. If you're one day late on tuition fees your mobile will not stop ringing and your mailbox will be crowded.
    This school is heavily corrupted in every aspect of the word. So if you think that you want to attend a Ghetto school then All Saints is for you. Oh no wait a Ghetto school is much better than this mess. You will not be able to even get a residency. Just give them a call and ask them how many students doing their residency. Of course ask too , how many students transferred to another medical school.you will rapidly understand the whole thing. Not mentioning there is a safety issue and lack of standard (agression, threats and the list goes on by the school community). If you should fear something when coming to the Island then All Saints students and worst again their administration are the one you should fear. Even the local people won't send their kids to that school. If you want to be a good doctor get your premed credit from an accredited school then apply to Ross, SGU, AUA any other med school but All saints. I regretted so much the day I accepted an offer from this school. It was too good to be true. Now I am trying to get out and I can't cuz no one I repeat no one will want you.
    Now reflect on this and make up your mind. I cannot post everything about the school here cuz that will shock certain parents...
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    Quote Originally Posted by universityofficial View Post
    All Saints University Official
    Addressing Unfounded Rumors, Lies, False Representation and Misrepresentation by
    Recent Posters (Mehdy, Soniaa, Risalabad, MD (NEVER affiliated with All Saints
    or known to the school), Blackjellyfish, Jackets etc)
    FACTS: ALL SAINTS UNIVERSITY DOMINICA AND ARUBA were founded by the same people
    (Dr. Y and Mr. P). These are no longer new schools and have steadily grown over
    the years to several hundreds of students with tens of successful graduates.
    Both schools run the same curriculum put together by these founders and have
    produced physicians who passed through only the entire curriculum put together
    by these founders. Many of these physicians are currently in residency in
    various states and countries (USA,CANADA, NIGERIA). These founders also put in
    place facilities that have made it possible for graduates of the schools to pass
    their USMLEs and other licensing examinations with flying colors.

    ALL SAINTS Dominica has around 400 students, and close to half of this are
    completing clinical rotations in the USA [Illinois (Chicago), Georgia (Atlanta),
    North Carolina (Raleigh), Indiana (Fort Wayne), Florida (Orlando), Oklahoma] and
    Dominica (Roseau). A few students are also completing some clinical clerkships
    at McMaster University, Canada, University of Toronto, Canada, Norway, Israel

    Basic Medical Science Campus
    Located in the heart of Roseau, the capital city of Dominica the 30,000sq ft.
    campus is well equipped with state of the art infrastructural facilities,
    including well equipped Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology and
    Histology laboratories, library, student lounge and classrooms. Upper level
    Basic Medical Science students go the Princess Margaret Hospital, Roseau,
    Dominica on a weekly basis for Physical Diagnosis and ICM. All the professors
    have several years of experience and they hold either a Ph.D. or MD degree or
    both and are graduates of reputable Universities in the USA, UK, India, Nigeria,
    Germany etc. All races and people of diverse backgrounds are well represented.

    Clinical Clerkships
    The University has clinical affiliation agreements with several hospitals in the
    states mentioned above, if you need additional information contact the clinical
    department of the University or the office
    of the Dean of Academic Affairs in Dominica to see both the list of the
    affiliated ACGME-accredited and teaching hospitals and duly signed affiliation
    agreements between All Saints University and the hospitals. The rumor mongers
    are particularly invited to see these list and documents.

    The School does issue transcript of academic record to applicants in good
    The school has never denied any student in good standing his/her transcript of
    academic record on request.
    Transfer Credits
    It is up to All Saints or any School of Medicine for that matter to accept or
    reject transfer credits from other schools/institutions and no school is
    empowered to accredit or discredit the programs of other independent schools.
    Only accreditation boards are authorized to do so. The School in Antigua is NOT
    an Accreditation Board and is responsible ONLY for its own policies and NOT that
    of other independent schools. The Antiguan School DOES NOT and CANNOT represent
    the standards /yardstick that other schools MUST follow.
    USMLE and Other Licensing Examinations Pass rates
    Pass rate is over 70% for first time examinees, with most candidates (about 40%)
    scoring between 80 and 89 percentiles) and about 30% scoring between 90 and 99
    percentiles. A significant number of students have also scored between 96 and 99
    percentiles. Many of these successful candidates from All Saints have already
    received invitation for residency interviews for the next (2011) residency
    match. You may contact the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs for further
    details if need be.
    All Saints is a SECULAR UNIVERSITY. The Dominican Campus is run by people who
    have strong faith in the Almighty God and who also have great respect for the
    religious views and beliefs of others. The School encourages student
    associations, especially Student Body Council and AMSA. The school DOES NOT
    encourage or condone proselyting in any form on campus and DOES NOT sponsor any
    religious or pseudo-religious organization anywhere. It is a secular University
    and DOES NOT discriminate in any form or on the basis of race, religion, creed,
    sex, country of origin, socio-economic status etc.
    Liar, liar, liar!!!

    None of it is true. Most of us are students of the school...Come with proofs then maybe we will believe you. Oh please, stop the non-sense of a secular school cuz it is a big lie. You cannot deny it, reality speaks for itself so go and spread your utopic lies elsewhere...Germany, UK, ya right!!! You meant India and Nigeria in majority. SBC is non-sense, who gonna trust a forged list of green book rotation...Please stop your crap it is upsetting my stomach...and I am trying to be polite here...
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    A M. Engineer, A Psyc. DSc, and the people who are getting scammed!

    Dear Students,
    It was a joke when I was offered a sum of money to post the exact letter a mentally incapacitated engineer and psycho DSc put together to reverse or not further damage the reputation of this school. I will not scam people for a few thousands of dollars. Period.

    Questions you MUST ask.
    Please publish the names of the hospitals where All saint university Dominica is formally affiliated with. Call the GME office of each hospital and confirm the details of this letter by a university official. YOU WILL KNOW AT THAT INSTANCE THESE ARE LIES.

    Please publish the names of the hospitals where you currently have residents. Call each GME office at the hospital and confirm it. YOU WILL KNOW THIS IS A SCAM.

    Please ask for your transcripts and if you can get it in a reasonable amount of time or if ever you do get it please inform me and I will take this post off of this forum. I am an man of my words. I am NOT your dean who claims to be a man of god and scam people to build luxury houses and churches.

    In US more the 99% of the scams are done by people from a certain country in Africa. Please google this and you will figure it out. Do you trust someone with the same genes who could not get residency in the United States to possible know anything about getting a residency in this country? Or do you think he will want anyone to get residencies here?

    Do you think for someone who's only son who could not get residency in this country want your sons and daughters to get residency. In my professional opinion all the students who are in this school or who are planning to go to school most probably will end up teaching for this school. Good Luck and Have fun.

    MDCSA and AICG are run by two crooks. They themselves aren't licensed medical professionals in any states of the US yet they both went to Caribbean schools. Now do you really think they know anything about getting residencies or getting licensed? If they do why don't they do it instead of scamming people.

    Something to think about,
    I have spoken to my lawyers on this matter. It is their opinion that you cant even sue your school administration in the US because this school is registered in Dominica. Well I suggest you talk to lawyers in Dominica asap before they both run into jungles. No offices are registered under the name all All saints university Dominica in this country in any states. For the record, if you do get scammed at the end, who will you hold responsible? All saints university of medicine in DOMINICA? AICG? MDCSA?

    Let not many fall for their tricks anymore,
    Dr. A al Q MBBS, FACS, PhD
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