Good people, there is news at this link:
Medical students criticize school in St. Kitts - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Some took this news as negative publicity to those of us who believe that new schools will truly make a difference in medical education, specially for schools that are doing it right.

HERE is my general conclusion to the news from the link above:

This situation cannot be reasonably, statistically or logically, attributed to all or any other school--old or new, than the school directly involved with this issue. Although it may be tempting for me to say, in aberration of thought process, that this one incident is representative of all new schools around the world. My logical faculties tell me it is NOT representative of all new schools in the Caribbean or around the world. It is incidental and uncharacteristic of the good schools.

Q. Can schools that are currently doing well learn from such
A. Yes, both old and new schools can learn from such situations.

Both old and new founders of international medical schools will be expanding their projects in the near future or are already doing so to better serve the world in need. And meet the need for doctors not only here at home but also abroad. Therefore, anyone saying NO to new schools and discouraging their progress is implicitly saying NO to the founders of the older schools not to establish new schools or expansions of any kind. Mr. Ross, the founder of Ross U, was reported in the NYTimes, on June 30, 1999 saying 'nothing is certain'. This was during his fight to open a branch of Ross U in Wyoming, USA, which I am sure, those affiliated with Ross would have loved to have happened. Now Mr. Ross is in St. Kitts. Are we going to say, to new students, Don't go to Mr. Ross's new school? Or Will Ross U and its admission services be supporting this new establishment as their affiliate institution, and referring those that have not been successful to get into Ross U to that of St. Kitts? Just as saba and mau does for each other even if they may know that you won't get in either schools.

When does new schools become bad schools? Is it when they don't belong to us (old schools)? I am here to practice medicine not politics of the self vs the other in academia.

It should not be in anyone's interest to falsely attribute problems as a way of making new institutions guilty by association or default! For such logic by extension would apply to all institutions include the old. Uncertainty makes us strategic and visionary in thinking, such that status quo is not on the menu of the day.