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    What are my chances for admission?


    I received a BA in biology from
    New York University in 2000, but my undergraduate
    career spans about 8 years. I started NYU in 1992 in a
    humanities program undecided about my major or what I
    wanted to do with the rest of my life. Two years later
    I received an Associates in Arts degree in humanities
    from NYU, and during this time I also did some
    volunteer work at a local hospital,which greatly
    excited me and convinced me to pursue a career in
    medicine. I worked both along side a physician, and sometimes just cleaning after patients. I completed my pre-med and undergraduate
    science curriculum from 94-97, but I had to leave
    school for personal reasons for two years after which
    I returned to complete my degree during the summer of
    2000. My undergraduate science GPA is about 2.7, and
    my overall GPA is about 3.3, and although my basic science
    curriculum was completed almost 7 years ago, I have
    spent the last three years working in a molecular
    biology research laboratory at Rockefeller University
    in New York city. My title is research assistant, and
    I have been involved in many intellectually
    challenging research projects often working
    independently, and using the scientific method to
    propose the hypothesis along side experimental work to prove
    or disprove the idea, in addition I have two papers pending for publication. I have not taken the MCAT, but I
    plan to do so this up coming spring. The strongest part of my academic career is the fact that I received A- and B+ in Orgo I and II, and B+ and B in Molecular and Cell biology I and II in one of the better pre-med programs in the country, so I have no doubt that I can handle the intellectual aspect of medical school. The weakness of my academic career was purely the result of not working hard enough, as a result of being young and immature. I apologize for the length of this e-mail, but I kindly ask you for any suggestions or advice you may have in relation to
    my case, and my future application for admission, thank you.


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    Apply !

    I think you should definitely apply!

    When applying to a fine school such as Saba, you'll find out that it's more than your GPA that matters. The admission board takes many things into consideration, such as: volunteer work, recommendations, work experience related to medicine, verbal/writing ability, goals for wanting to become a physician, travel, family support, flexibility in relocating during clinicals, etc.
    Good luck!

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    Michael ...

    Apply ASAP as to better your chances for attendance in the desired semester. With those stats you should be fine.


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