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Thread: Dorm Fee

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    Dorm Fee


    To all of you that lived in the dorm during your first semester. Were you required to pay for your dorm before your financial aid kicked in. Do the school allow students to reside in the dorm until they receive their financial, then make a payment. I know that after paying first semester tuition, I may not have enough money to pay for the dorm until I receive my financial aid.
    What can you do in this kind of situation. Any advice will help.
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    Salutations "comoregie":

    I do not know what the situation is for Hillside Dorms, but for Matthews Dorm, I had to pay for my rent before I received my loans. In your situation, you can either ask a close friend, family member, etc. to loan you the dorm fee and then promise to reimburse them back after you get your financial aid or you can contact the school and ask about his situation. One other option is that you can contact the manager of the dorm you plan on staying in and ask if it is okay with them. I know someone who was allowed to pay rent at a later time because he didn't receive his money yet. In either case, make sure you get this situation taken cared of beforehand to save you any unnecessary headaches. Trust me, you'll get plenty of those once school starts. Ciao.
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