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    Bout to finish...do I stand a chance..


    Here we go guys I have been following this forum for sometime now. I am currently a student at depaul university and finishing up my BA. I have a 3.4 cum. and a 3.1 sci. GPA I will take the MCAT in August... but I will be applying for may '06. I have good background and have letters of rec. from two doctors(plastic surgeon, cardiologist), Bio department chair, and phyics prof. For those of you who are their, I wanted to ask if I should apply now? w/out MCAT and what do you think are my chances of getting in? thank you.

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    Good Chance

    I think you have a good chance of getting in without the MCAT, however, I suggest that you should give yourself a shot at the MCAT. It is a good standardized test and it gives you a good boost of confidence for your USMLE. I took MCAT last august too, it was not too bad. Good luck.

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