Hi, I have the following questions.

1. Let's say I have A+(4.0), A (3.9), A-(3.7), B+(3.3). What would be my CGPA? I am not sure if there is any weighting rules? What I did was simply add them and then divide them by the number of courses.

2. The application is asking me for my science GPA. Which subjects are being called science? I am a chemistry student. Does it mean the required science courses (Biology 1 full year with lab, Chemistry 1 full year with lab, Organic chemistry 1 full year with lab, and the required social sciences and humanities)? Or does it mean all the courses except social science courses? That is, does it mean Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math and the like (natural science)?

3. I have a CGPA of 3.53 (I couldn't calculate the science GPA) and I have an MCAT score of 25K (VR: 06, PS: 09, WS: K, **: 10). I have been on the dean's list once and I have received three different scholarships. I have volunteered in an institute for the blind, reading for the blind for 6 months, I have volunteered in two different communities (associations) for 4 monthes each, I have applied for a patent (intellectual property) on airplanes, I have written a novel manuscript and I am ready to apply for publication. What are my chances of getting accepted in Saba, SGU, AUC, Ross, and medical schools in the comming academic year? Thank you for your help.