Well the situation is that Saba does guarantee setting up your cores, it does not guarantee greenbook. But here is the deal, I do not know any of the people that I keep in regular contact (about 25 students) who did not do all greenbook including electives. So what Im saying that the vast of majority of Saba students do in fact get and complete greenbook cores whether Saba sets them up or people go out and find them. Fortunately Saba has a great amount of internal med and surgery greenbook cores and from there you can set up all electives. Saba also has a great supply of greenbook psychiatry cores also. The only 2 cores that were in least supply were pedicatrics and OB when I went thru but again every single person I know did a greenbook thru saba. The good news for future students is that NY state was a huge approval for Saba as roughly 20% of all residencies in the United States are actually in NY state and now Saba is actively getting more cores there so it is only easier. In fact I did Peds at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn along with Ross students and SUNY DOWNSTATE students. I did OB at Holy Cross with George Washington students in Maryland with Lectures right in DC. If you do well on the boards, doors will open up. I did an elective at Mayo once I had step 2 scores in hand but when I originally called them without any scores I was first outright rejected. More and more cash strapped hospitals are opening up to taking foreign students for rotations. I had these same exact questions 4 years ago and what Im telling you is it works out. I caution you to choose a medical school though that will guarantee your cores like Saba, Ross, AUC, St. Georges, MUA, and St. Christophers. Dont go to a school without a track record. For example St. James is an up and commer and the president Doctor **** was a decent professor at Saba years ago but they will go thru their growing pains and frankly I'd rather go to a school that is climbing out of the growing pains. Good luck and work at the boards and all works out. Scott Jones MD DC