1. Are there any music stores on the island where I might purchase strings or possibly even a guitar? I am concerned about the humidity destroying my good guitars, so if there are decent guitars on the island at an affordable rate I may be interested in purchasing doesn't have to be the greatest guitar ever, but something that sounds decent. Do you think that would be hard to find? Acoustic or electric will do.

2. Distance from The Level to The Bottom? Is that walkable? How long might that walk take and is it best to use the trails as oppose to walking on The Road? I know the distance can't be terribly great, I guess I am more concerned with elevation change. I will have a bus pass, but I don't really know how long that commute will take or if the bus comes early enough for me to get to class on time.

3. What is the gym like on campus? and is there a comparable or better gym near Windwardside/The Level?

4. Is it pretty safe to run (fitness wise) on The Road?

5. Is there a sizable rock-climbing community on saba? any rock-climbing stores that sell rope?

6. Which internet package is suitable for browsing the web for informational purposes and streaming music/pandora? (I don't need to stream video)

7. Is anyone looking to sell off their used 1st semester books? If so, please contact me with a price before Wednesday the 24th (8/24/11), otherwise I will bring the books with me.

Thank you in advance for your help. I really do appreciate it very much.
Also, if you have any packing suggestions with regard to items that are often forgotten or overlooked, I would love your input.
And last but not least, if you can't answer anything above and just want to say "Hi", Great! it's always nice to make new friends!
My name is Jackie. Hi!