Do you have allergies? Do your clothes smell like mold when you leave them over break? Does everything in your apartment just feel damp?? If so, you need a dehumidifier!

I have a 30 PINT dehumidifier for sale. I bought it last semester and got it shipped costing me over $550 but I am selling it for only $175!!!!

Ever since I bought this dehumidifier I didn't have to use allergy medicine, my towels would actually dry and my apartment was MUCH cleaner. I know there are a lot of mold problems in windwardside, bobby hill and the level so if you live in one of those areas it might be a good idea to buy this.

I am only on the island for the next couple of days so please call me ASAP if you are interested.

599-416-7935 (today - jan 11th)
268-788-9572 (jan 12th onward)

I don't have voicemail so if I don't answer please just call me back or send me a txt.