Hello to all,

I am a 19 year old student who has chosen to study medicine in RSMU for the academic year 2005. I wish to request some details on this medical college and I hope you guys who frequent this board will be able to answer my questions regardless of how repeated they may be.

First, I wish to ask, RSMU, it's ranked 3rd, from last year, so, how far back is it from Moscow Medical Academy?

Second question, RSMU, is it's degree recognized in the UK? Meaning, If I come out with RSMU MD degree, will I be able to practice there (UK), after sitting for the PLEP (S.P.) Exam?

More importantly, the medical course is 6 years, 3 + 3... so after 6 years, am I free to leave the country, or is there any other obligations for me? Is housemanship included in the 6 years course? I'm very curious.

How is the safety in RSMU... I have been hearing many things about Hitler Day with skin heads roaming crazy... However, to experience snow in real life for the first time would be amazing =). How much, In russian rubble will it cost to rent a decent apartment, the one near the RSMU campus? Each month, how much would it be?

Food, for a person who does not eat pork and beef, is it easy/safe to eat outside? It's due to religion that I do not consume those foods, so I'm wondering how safe is it to eat outside food. P.S. VODKA = GOOD :P

How safe is the students hostel? I mean day in day out, my belongings will be left there... can I safely lock my room and leave without hesitation? How many students will be chucked into each hostel room? I heard it was 3 but I do not know the tangibility of that.

Any other Malaysians going this year? Holler out here, and probably for the best we all can be more prepared.