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Thread: Skin heads

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    Skin heads


    If I go to school in russia is there ANY saftey against the neo-nazi skin heads. I've seen some of the videos and they are horrific. Are they waiting on every corner? How can I avoid all that? I am a white american (no pun) and I've been told its safer for us rather than people of a darker skin tone.

    someone elaborate on this and if there is a school that is safer than most, where things are located close... please let me know.

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    Hi Manomed,

    I lived in SPB Russia for 3 years, and as much man's best friending I did while I was there, I really miss that place.

    I was robbed twice in the first few months I lived there, in retrospect I invited it on myself though.

    I too am a white American, the only problems I had were in the beginning, I wish I had visited some forums before I went there the first time, but in hindsight we all see 20/20.

    You will have no problems at all if you just blend in. Do not smile at random people, and when you take money from the bankomat, make sure to do it in places where people aren't able to see. Be prudent and synical, thats the way most Russians are, and after all, when in Rome...

    On a side note, just to lighten up the mood from the possible doom and gloom of Russia, I think it's equally important to highlight some of the brighter sides of the country.

    It is beautiful. The women are tall educated and attractive, and as cold as the people will be to you when they first meet you, once you enter their "circle" they will treat you better than any American friend you've ever had. The people really value their friendships, and do not partake in fake niceness that we American feel we must (ex: walking down the street and smiling at someone you've never seen before in your life).

    One thing that I'm not sure exactly how to articulate is that as hard (and yes it can be very hard) as life can be in Russia, one thing that you will take away from your experience there is that, you really 'lived' instead of just going through the motions like a little worker ant as many of us tend to do back in the States.

    Best wishes Manomed, and I hope you don't let a few scary stories scare you away from potentially a great education and what might be the best time in your life.

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