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Thread: Not trying to be rude but...

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    Not trying to be rude but...


    Everyone here seems to have all these stories and experiences to med school in russia, but I have another post where I asked numerous questions and have pm people and no one seems to have the answers. I dont think school in russia is as bad as they say.

    Previous post "US citizen seriously considering medical school in russia"

    Like my point being.. you go to Russia and immediatly everyone is asking for money (bribes). Shame on the people who pay the money because unless I failed a test and the prof was like give me money and ill let you pass, then i wouldnt just give money to people who asked for it.

    Like the response about the school who took the girls passport and wanted money to give it back to her.

    F*** that. I woulda cussed out everything that moved in that office and marched my way down to the embassy, told the embassy to handle it and been on the next flight back home.

    If anyone can answer some questions in my previous post it would be GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED.
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