Hi every1,am looking 4wad 2 studying medicine in russia(english medium,2008) in one of the above universities. But as far as russia is concerned am getting alot of negative messages about studying there such as the quality of learning both theoretical and clinical aspect,degree recognition,security,environment,living expenses,corruption and the like. The representative of the russian state universities (RUCUS) came 2 our country and held an exhibition abt their universities in which they talked alot abt saratov and ryazan as among the top medical universities. They said saratov med univ is holding a 2nd position among medical universities and 17th position among all universities in russia. The advantage of being in ryazan is its proximity to moscow unlike saratov. They even gave us a cd of ryazan med univ showing academic programmes,hostel accomodation,lab facilies,administration of the univ which appears to be a very attractive and a nice place 2 be. Am therefore at crossroad which among the 2 i should go. But completely confused when i read the thread abt "a few points to consider before going to any russian medical university"
plz help,u may write 2 me via my mail address:
i would really appreciate God bless ye all.