I have obtained a mail in my personal box from [email protected]
and here was her message:
I recently read your posts on forum and i am truly disgusted by what
you wrote about RSMU.
Since you arent one of the students there, how could you judge our uni
by just meeting the dean??RSMU doesnt consists of only dean as the main
I m currently 6th year student attending the second part of finals
next week. SO let me tell you, so far, i have been to all the hospital
units and classes, lectures ,sat for exams .UNLIKE MMA in which lectures
last less than 1 hour..But our lectures are all over 2 hours.
Honestly i paid NOTHING to pass all the exams!Not to any proffessors
or dean or anyone!
I and many others work hard to do and finish our tasks and zachet.
Are you Malaysian? If you are then, you should have known about our
goverment which does not recognise your uni.
SO basically, i was not given much choice but to enrol either MMA or
If you arent one of RSMU student, you have no right to trash RSMU.

about PFU , we students of RSMU heard fair share of *stories*

Now here is my reply:

1- Dont take matters at such a personal level and you can post it here and not send me a personal message which is a simple waste of my box space. I am simply telling the stories that are happening.

2- RSMU is the trash of Moscow.. now you were probably stuck in there against your will... as Saman decided that for you..
I know RSMU as I know many docs from the 1st hospital, hospital 67, 31st,and the pediatric clinic right near leninsky prospekt... they all told me what I have been telling..in brief that their Alma Mater was a bad place... Those guys are Russian docs too
Another instance: some nurse got accepted at RSMU but not at PFU..and waited for the next year to try again at PFU.. or some student nurses hoping to get ONLY into RSMU for the easy ride.. it is all well-known among students..
I dont need to fool you and I dont care if you like it at RSMU. I just want to warn those that are REALLY motivated to learn way more than the crap that they generally feed foreign students.
If you were not aware of that .. i suppose that just as any other Malay or Chinese/Indian born in Malaysia, you must have lived in your ' bubble' away from what actually is happening in the school.. It is not your fault.. Saman and his group made sure that you guys are ostracized from the Russian student body.. and put you inside some fantasy land..because that was a condition for them to be accredited by the Malaysian gov.

you can say it is my word against yours.. but I know the facts.. and so SHOULD you.. especially after 6 years..

I am not trying to abase the RSMU, I am just providing people who may be interested about the REAL untold stories.. the stories that those agents'websites or school websites will never tell, the stories that have been empirically accumulated over my years in Russia.
I am just telling what is, so that they can have an idea and not fall into the trap and realize in the type of mess they put themselves in before it is too late.

I have placed in a thread named ' a few points about going to a Russian med school'..and I have talked about the fact that I was tired about the ' mental masturbation' that MMA was the best... I see that you are right in the middle of that mental masturbation...you can recomfort yourself about whatever you want to believe but the truth does not lie.

3- I am not Malaysian but am much more aware of why those 2 schools have been accredited by the Malaysian gov. than you may imagine.
In 2001 the malaysian ministry of education with a man named Dr Muhammad, came to visit. At that time, the government scholarship was not in place and most Malaysians coming to Russia were Malaysia-born Indian and chinese. Dr Muhammad was alarmed as there was only ONE Malay (native malay) student at MMA, and that time was right as there are not enough doctors in Malaysia.. so they created a gov scholarship mainly for those Malay (the Natives). I know Dr Muhammad on a very personal basis..
They got lulled by Saman as they lied and showed them the best places..
the conditions were clear, $10,000 per student per year.. but best condition possible.. create new dorms, nice teachers.. and all the pampering needed..
They even approached PFU, PFU refused to give special treatment to the Malaysian government scholarship students over any other students. The Rector at PFU is Mr FILIPOV, ex-minister of education of Russia and close to Putin. So he can get the funds he needs for PFU whenever he feels, and that is why he did not care much about the Malaysian gov. students.

4-sorry to hear that you had to endure 6 years at RSMU.. when you ll head home, you ll realize what I meant..
If you wish to reply.. please reply HERE..

good luck