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Thread: Be thankful!

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    Be thankful!


    I see here all,talking bad about russian systems etc,i just want to say something as i m ukrainian graduate,Bear in mind...
    Who doesnt study will give you bad experience,dont we all have bad experience in life at some point?if you are from india,i can give you indian colleges scenarios how students study here,will you enter that institute?drugs being sold openly,students threat prof and juniors,atleast in russia/ukraine you wont,people are so friendly.well anyways,i dont know what you want to hear in particular about medschool there,but one thing,if possible try to get into your own countries institute unless you are afraid of competitive exams like PMT etc.
    spend this time in studying rather than just poking nose and spreading bad things around.sorry to say but i just wondered you all talk like you are all toppers and need best service,if it is,go try usa,best place,even god knows
    But be thankful to God and universities who makes u sufficent to adress urself DOC.its we who wants to be doctor and study to help patients.
    it would be good if you spread things like:-
    1.dont bribe(i read one post who claimed this that dean took money,com'n ppl dont you know your political persons ask for money if u want to get soem work done in ur home country?,dont you bribe others ,i dont say its good if dean asked money,its shame but thank god my dean was not like this but its there low economic,who doesnt wnat to get rich?) even if ask..make unions to stop this,but i know they ask u for money if they know u missed classes,lectures,and poor(performance)student.
    2.its best thing there that,there are small study groups(class) to discuss and have dissection.
    3.Teachers speak good english than asians(you all know it),and always willing to learn from you if u speak good english.very down to earth teachers.
    4.they teach you many subjects ,no where else teach you in particular,like latin classes to learn how latin words made and we use in medicine,all are latin words.isnt it?
    5.neat and clean hospitals,classes,pay more attention to hygiene.
    and many more positive things......

    Good luck for those who going there for studies and study well,they teach well if u show interest.
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