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Thread: Licencing in CA

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    Licencing in CA


    From previous thread about Rec "California (and perhaps some other states?) does not recognize the English-language progs. of the Russian med. schools.for licensing purposes"
    Is this True ? If CA is recogizing Russian - Lang Progs, why dont they recognize Eng Language progs? CA Docs speak Eng or ? its pure Ignorance.

    Is anyone from Russia Eng/Russ Prog Res/Working in CA ?

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    Here's the link -Medical Board of California - Medical Schools Recognized by the Medical Board of California
    Before looking under R for Russia observe this at the head of the page -

    : Some recognized medical schools that teach in their native language are opening English language medical school programs. The English language programs are not recognized unless specifically stated, e.g., "University of Pecs Faculty Medicine" and "Pecs University Medical School English Program (6-year English Program)." The English language programs must apply for recognition and receive approval from the Medical Board of California for the education received from the English language program to be eligible to qualify an applicant for licensure requirements in California."

    None of the Russian schools' English courses are recognized. There are plenty of the Russian language courses on the list.
    I presume that California has taken the view that as these new(ish) English courses are most definitely money-making operations they want to be certain that they conform to whatever standards are expected of the regular courses.
    Some Czech and Hungarian schools have had their courses recognized; it's been said on the Polish forums that Poznan and Krakow are about to be listed. There was also some suggestion that the biggest obstacle to getting the Polish schools recognized was pushing their admin. to apply and fill in doubtless extremely tedious self-assessment forms.
    Numerous VMD members have alleged that a few other states have adopted the Ca. list and that others will surely follow. I can't vouch for that which is why I put a question mark by it.
    There is a Russian American Medical Assoc. it lists a few members in Ca. State Chapters | Russian American Medical Association
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