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    Paypal is conducting an investigation about the credit card that you have stolen and used... i have given the investigating authorities the contact of the dean of the medical faculty at PFU who will look for all vietnamese students starting this fall.
    i just called Mr NIMALAN the person in charge of the English medium at PFU and will cooperate with all authorities he said there is only one vietnamese applicant.
    i forgot to tell that the english medium at PFU takes only 20 students every year..

    You may think that PFU is a large university but it s more like a small family and if you really are planning to start at PFU this fall .. then get ready for a nice welcome party for you !

    it is not too late to fix that problem.. so you had better move fast before it s all too late.. cuz PFU will not take you if an investigation is initiated..

    you may want to start applying to St pet!
    good luck
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