HI to all of you out there!

As i had said in a previous thread... i d like to give you some info about the way students are being tested in russian med schools..and all its loopholes that allow teachers to be more corrupted... but before i do that.. let me give you a ' pre-taste' of how the first days of a foreign students are in a russian med school.. actually in most med schools in russia

anyway.. let s assume that you just arrived in russia.... you ll first be surprised to be greeted with the thousands of WONDERFUL SMILES the russian people would give you.. it seems that they are going to a funeral.. everybody will look mad.. sad..and/or preoccupied with something..

they all be dressed in black..and would look furious if you talk to them.. women are overweight..

The only people that you ll see HONESTLY smiling.. will be the street drunkards...lost in their oblivion..

you ll approach some old roman ruin-looking edifice that will be called your medical school...

then as you enter the doors.. you ll promptly be stopped by some overweight, hypertensive and plethoric red-faced security guard that will ask you ' what do you want ?' in the typical russian hospitable manner..

you ll probably struggle 15 minutes to make him understand that you are a student and that you need to find the foreign students office.. surely you ll be scrutinized and he ll take your passport gribble something in a piece of paper that will act as your pass for that day.. that piece of gribble may even cost you 50 Rubles! (about $1.5)..which actually should not cost anything.. but that s extra money for that guard.. most likely for a shot of vodka....

as you now cleared the first stage of that game.. you ll be walking through some dark.. unlit hallway.. trying to find out where the foreign student office is.. that ll probably take about another 15 minutes.. you ll enter an elevator the size of a coffin....and THEN.....youll start asking questions to yourself.. like ' what the hell am i doing here?'... or ' is that really a med school'... ' was i fooled' ..or stuff like that.. that will be a mind-boggling period ..

FINALLY you passed the level 1 of the game and reached your admission office.. some halfway renovated hallway.. with thick doors.. thick like fat *** cushions.. you could knock as hard as you could .. noone would hear you on the otherside..
you are now in the foreign student s office. .but ONLY 1 person speaks english ...and guess what.. that person is NOT here...

DAMN... what should i do?? wait 5 hours for that person to return.. (if that person returns..as there are no guarantee) or struggle my way back to my rundown dorm?

ok.. i ll make it easier for you... let s assume that ONLY english-speaking person is there.... he/she ll ask you for some pics.. your passport..and SURELY enough pay some amount of money.. (that money will go straight to that person s pocket... i dont know why they need that extra amount)
that person will tell you in some broken english.. ` you will be in group 12`...ok?!!..but where is that ? and when do classes start? and where are my classes going to be??
the answer will be ' Ask your seniors in your dorm and they ll tell you'....
WOW.. that s orientation russian style and i am not joking and i am not kidding about that..

so now i am in the middle of a totally unknown place.. i know NOBODY.. and i am suppose to find out who will be my classmates..and i should follow them like a sheep so that i d know where classes are..that s the equivalent of the MAP that they give you at orientation day in american Us..

anyway.. you ll then probably be asked to PAY your tuition.. cuz that s all that matters to them...
so til the point of paying tuition.. believe it or not.. NO PROBLEMS have yet come your way.. that s cuz you have not paid yet..

so you ll be sent to your ' contractor' ... most likely some foreign place to exchange gas..from some 3rd world place.. like india.. sri lanka.. egypt .. anyway.. you get the pic.. HOWEVER i should say that not all contractors are foreign but a good majority are..
you might find that a little eery.. well so did i... how come some 3rd world starving dog be an foreign student agent at some russian med school? well it is a long story and i ll need to start another thread for that..
(when i said 'starvin dog' i am talking about the personality of the contractor.. not his/her origins...so you guys from asia.. take a pill and relax!)

Russia is famed for long lines.. but when it is time to pay.. they ll be little waiting time!!! that s the ONLY good thing i ve noticed..
at MMA they ll treat you like you ve been owing them the money..

now you ve paid and are set!!.. as you head to your dorm.. making plans for the next upcoming days..and how you ll tackle your new medical career.. you ll start having problems..
you ll enter your dorm ..and already 2 people are already living there..!!

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? i just went pay my tuition.. and how did those 2 appear?? well easy.. the university staff knows that i have paid..and will not just turn around and go back home now... and as they always overstaff their students.. they pack them up in small rooms after they have paid..
MMA does that.. Mr SAMAN..and he alcoholoc acolyte.. georgi gregorivitch (person in charge with housing) love to do that..

enough said about all that.. cuz i could go on and on for days and months..

the system of education in russia ..is something that you MUST be aware of before you get there..cuz otherwise you ll be in big big big BIG trouble..

the day of registration.. you ll be given a booklet.. called a ZACHETNAYA..it is a booklet that you ll be keeping from day 1 til the last day of med school as it will contain all your grades for all exams..from year 1 to year 6... it is your ' transcripts' .. your ' records'...
you ll have to show it to the prof after every exams..so that he ll write the grade. .the subject and his/her signature..
DONT ever try to fake a signature.. youll be in the streets in no time!

and you already can see that if you have good grades from the 1st year.. then the next following years.. profs.. will look at your past grades and decide the grade you ll get..
so if you did well in your 1st year.. then the profs will think.. hmm that s a smart person.. i ll give him a good grade too..
if you didnt do too well in 1st year.. but are trying your hardest in the following years.. you may not get the grade you deserve as your 1st year grades penalized you.. that s already ONE prob..

wow.. it is late here.. i ll go on next time.. sorry to dwell on all that..
take care