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    Are all subjects in PFU taught in English?


    i am currently studying in PFR, 1st year english medium.......
    and when i applies for the university, my agents promised that all the subjects till 6th year are taught in English medium,

    but now i came to know that after 3rd year some of the sujects are actually taught in Russian medium, specially the 5th and 6th year subjects.....

    i am quite worried about this.......

    are there any other universities which offer the whole 6 year prpgram in english medium, situated in moscow?????

    i heard that MMA offers the whole studies in english medium, is it so???

    and i am hoping to do USMLE after my medical studies.. is MMA recognised in all states of USA?

    if so will i be able to transfer to MMA form PFU after 3rd year? or will i have to do it now itself???

    and in another string i saw that it was quoted that American students are studying in the 1st course in PFU
    yes! two were studying , but both went home since they could not cope up with the studies since they enrolled late.

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    Pfu Is Better Than Mma


    relax.. i wrote a thread .. about advice about pfu.. read it and mail me if you have any questions..
    MMA does not have all 6 years in english..
    that is a blunt lie and dont fall for it..
    i was at pfu.. from the usa.. and graduated and did very well.
    pfu is definitely the place you should go to become a doctor.. dont settle for less..
    PFU is the only school that offers the most classes in english in moscow.. and when i am saying english .. i am talking about GOOD english.. not the kind of english that you ll hear at MMA...
    take care

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