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    Confused...please help!!!


    I keep hearing and seeing that a ross student is on the island for 14-15 months...but then when I go to their website it says the following:

    "There are four semesters of Basic Science classes, for a total of two academic years. All Basic Science coursework is offered on the School of Medicine campus (located at Portsmouth, in the Commonwealth of Dominica) and must be satisfactorily completed there."

    I'm guessing they mean they have two academic years done in 15 months?

    if each semester starts in sept and ends in dec the schedule would like the following:

    semester 1 : SEPT 2005-DEC 2005
    semester 2 : JAN 2006-APRIL 2006
    semester 3: MAY 2006 - AUG 2006
    semester 4: SEPT 2005 - DEC 2006

    Thats a total of 16 months??? so is it 16 months on the island????

    how does this all work in the ending semesters of your first "two" years...

    and I hear different numbers from 14-16 months...

    can someone who is in their 3rd year explain their semesters and timing..and most importantly....how does this affect someone who would be starting this JANUARY?? would it just be the following:

    semester 1 : JAN 2006-APRIL 2006
    semester 2 : MAY 2006 - AUG 2006
    semester 3: SEPT 2005 - DEC 2006
    semester 4: JAN 2007 - APRIL 2007
    after this how would the schedule look like ???
    semester 5: ????? in the U.S.??
    more importantly... when would i graduate and match??
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    16 months on the island, 12 weeks in miami, then rotations. Total if no breaks are taken : 3.5 years.

    Realistically: 4 years

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