I recently spoke with Frank Wagner, Dean of Students at Ross University. Dean Wagner is very helpful and will be able to help us answer some of the more complex questions or concerns that may be on the minds of current students and prospectives.

Dean Wagner graciously accepted the "call" to visit this forum and the "School Officials" forum, so please let's be respectful to him and his time. As you would expect, he is quite busy, but his activity on this forum may actually decrease the amount of time he has to spend answering the same questions over and over by answering the questions once here. One of the reasons I asked him is that Dean Wagner is very open and does not tend to "candy coat' his answers.

Finally, I would like to propose an idea for this forum. If you have a question for Dean Wagner, please post it on the open forum adding the following in the subject line: "DEAN WAGNER [in CAPS]: This is my question." For example, "DEAN WAGNER: If SGU claims to be the Harvard of the Caribbean, is RUSM the Yale?" Then repeat your question and extrapolate on your idea in the "message body". That way, the specific post for Dean Wagner will stand out to him.

Alternately, follow this link to the "School Officials" forum where you can post your questions: http://www.valuemd.com/viewforum.php?f=60

Thank you all for your professionalism and the time you have invested in making this new forum really great!