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Thread: Dean's Letter

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    Dean's Letter


    I was wondering how the whole process of obtaining a Dean's Letter works at Ross.

    Are we given a chance to give input to our letter? How do we check if all our LOR from the island have been used?

    Where exactly is our file located that has all our LORs?

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    dean's letter

    Sometime around early april/mid april, Ross will send you the 2006 graduate application guide which will include instructions for the match process. This will answer MANY of your questions regarding the match.
    Just make sure Ross has your current email address.

    You will have to write a one page statement, fill out a questionairre and include your CV approximately by the end of may. The earlier you send this in, the earlier you will have your dean's letter. They process them on a first-come first serve basis.

    The statement is your "input" into what specialty you want to go into, why you want to go into it, what you have learned in your medical school that contributes to who you are, your extracurricular activities and what makes you tick. :-)

    Ross will create a dean's letter, based on what you have written in the statement, your LOR's from the island, the critique at the bottom of the evaluation form for each clinical rotation, and your CV. Yes, it seems they do put some effort into creating the dean's as I was impressed with mine as others were with their's. You will get this letter anywhere between august-october (first-come first serve basis, see above). It will be emailed to you or snail-mailed to you, at your preference.

    If you want a copy of your LOR's, you should email your clinical advisor and ask them to send it to you. Though, it would be better to use LOR's for your Match application that you obtain from doctors here in the US in the specialty that you would like to go into.

    I think the worst part with all the above, is 1. getting your LOR's in time from various doc's during your clinical rotations. (don't procrastinate on this one, as it can take doc's up to 4 months to create letters!) 2. getting all the evaluations in on time.

    Good luck,


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