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    Career, internship fair attracts 300 students



    Career, internship fair attracts 300 students, recruiting companies
    Employers and students converged for first spring career fair in three years
    By Ashlie Campbell - Staff Writer

    March 10, 2005

    Career Services held its Spring Career and Internship Fair March 8 in the Nigh University Center ballrooms.

    Requests from employers and students prompted the spring fair, the first in three years.

    Lauri Hanna, assistant director of Career Services, said the fair is a giving and taking of information between employers and students.

    A total of 54 companies and graduate schools and 300 students participated in the fair.

    Organizations educated students on the opportunities available and looked for recent or upcoming graduates for full-time employment and for students interested in interning, Hanna said.

    “They [the students] were very impressive, very qualified for the positions and possessed the critical skills needed,” said Anne T. Fernandes, an FBI human resource assistant who has worked in recruiting for 12 years.

    Amy Barnes, a Sherwin-Williams Co. store manager in Midwest City, said she was looking for students with professional dress, a firm handshake and a good resume.

    “I’ve seen a high quality of students,” Barnes said.

    Jim Copeland, associate director of admissions for Ross University Medical and Veterinary School, participated in the fair for the first time.

    “The volunteers have been helpful, and the faculty has been great,” Copeland said.

    He suggested that students interested in a graduate program talk with their advisors and professors, and start communicating with the prospective school at least a year before applying.

    Hanna’s goal for students is for them to gain the experience of interacting with possible employers, find employment or internships, and to network.

    Stephen Hodge, general studies senior, appreciated the exposure to the large number of companies.

    “It’s nice that they [the employers] come here,” Hodge said. “It saves me a lot of footwork.”

    Darrilyn Jett, finance senior, went to the fair looking for possible employment.

    “I’m here to look for a full-time job that utilizes my degree,” Jett said. By the end of the fair, she said she had set up several interviews.

    Michael Pampalone, corporate communications senior, said he was pleased with his results.

    “My main goal was to do a little networking and I’ve gotten a lot of good contacts,” Pampalone said.

    A new aspect of the fair was the enforcement of a stricter dress code.

    Besides the normal “no shorts, hats or book bags,” male students were required to wear ties, and females were required to wear hose with their skirts.

    The new code was a result of past complaints from participating employers.

    “Employers didn’t feel like the students were taking them seriously,” Hanna said.

    Barbara Kelly, store manager of the Casady Square Walgreens, said the dress code made a difference and the students looked more professional.

    “I think it [the dress code] is important, as well as appropriate,” Pampalone said. “If you’re not prepared, it puts you one step behind.”

    “It’s a professional career fair, so you are supposed to dress up,” Jett said.

    Students who attended the fair are encouraged to give feedback to Career Services at 974-3346.

    Ashlie Campbell can be reached at [email protected].
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    I guess Ross is heavily recruiting in Oklahoma!!!
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!

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