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    Clinical Rotations


    I have a few questions about clinical rotations. At which sites can you do all or the majority of your core rotations? Which clinical sites require a certain GPA and what is the GPA required? What is the procedure for taking a leave of absence after 4th semester to study for Step I? Thanks for any help.

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    You can do the majority of your rotations in certain cities/hospitals:

    1. New York City (NY): Wyckoff Heights, Lutheran, Brookdale etc...
    2. Chicago (IL): Jackson Park, St. Anthony etc...
    3. Baltimore (MD): Harbor Hospital, St. Agnes etc...
    4. Bakersfield (CA): (forgot the name, sorry)

    The rotations which are hardest to schedule are Family Practice, Ob/GYN, Surgery, and possibly Peds. Only California requires an interview and looks for GPA, extra-curricular, etc... (from what i know, they consider california residents!).

    To take a leave of absence, you need to let Ross know ASAP, so that they can fill out the appropriate paperwork and let the financial aid dept know so they can put your loan on hold (otherwise, you will go into repayment status).

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