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I am looking for people who want to help me setup a free qbank like uworld of medbullets ... but better. I have created the system, I just need help writing up quality questions. If anyone is interested, please message me privately and we will set something up. Of course, you'll get full recognition if you'd like. Plus, it will help you study, since you'll be going over questions and making new ones based on the information within them.
I applaud the idea but I think it is extremely difficult. If you just want simple fact-recall style questions, that is not a problem. But USMLE third-order questions with clinical vignettes are are not easy to write at all. There are extensive guidelines on the NBME site and they offer training sessions to medical school professors. There are probably hundreds of man-hours going into each question to make sure they are accurate and follow the guidelines; more time than I think the average student could spare on one question. And who is going to review the questions to make sure they are good quality? At Ross the all the department's faculty review all questions before being given to the students. And then students get to question or comment on the questions, and a faculty exam review committee goes over the student comments. And despite all the expertise of the faculty, every exam some questions are thrown out. So how are students going to be able to do this without expertise. Another concern is copyright. If someone submits a question they remember from UWorld or some other source, you can be sued? And if someone submits a question they remember from a USMLE Step Exam, then NMBE has the right to invalidate their Step exam results, your Step exam results and possibly any one who participates in the project, as well as bar them from future NBME exams. NBME has done it before. How will you determine where the questions come from and if they are original? So I think the time needed is beyond that available to most students and the possibility of legal action or having Step scores invalidated might put people off, unless you can address these concerns to their satisfaction.