For all of you trying to figure out how to pass the USMLE steps I, II, and III. I used the Kaplan videos, and corresponding books that go along with it. I didn't attend a carribean medical school, but let me tell you the tests are the same and the videos, and corresponding books help me pass with flying colors. I know people don't tell their scores and all of that but I got a 230 and that is fine with me. It probably is not good enough to get into an ortho program or what have you, but it is certain good enough to get into the majority of the residency programs you want to get into. I have a collection of all of the material, a ton of reference books and Bates physical exam videos to make sure you have the "tools" to pass everything you need to. It takes up about 250 GB of drive space and if anyone is interested let me know. I had a classmate who used the system and he got a 240 on his step I and a 244 on his step II, and now he is an ortho resident in California. So it is proven to work!!!If you are taking anatomy and need help, the best resource for visual learners are the Acland Anatomy DVDs, I can also get those to you. Contact me at aclandanatomydvd with the appropriate google mail ending [/email] [/SIZE]