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    Clinical Rotations in Canada!!!


    I heared that Ross will be moving toward Canada and will have new affiliated hospitals in Canada....

    What do you say guys? Anyone heared about that too???

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    I have not heard anything about it. What I can say is that it is difficult to do rotations in Ontario. Universities administrate the positions and only a few are accepting applications. Then there is a maximum on the number of weeks permissible. I have a Client resource coordinator at Health Force Ontario who is actively informing me of changes and opportunities. She's been helpful. I have attached a small exert from one of her emails and as you can see, choice of rotations and training time are severely limited in Ontario.

    The Following is a cut and paste:

    Here are some links to the medical universities in Ontario: (* indicates the schools which are currently accepting elective applicants from international schools. This may change by the time you are ready to start applying)

    *McMaster University: Electives

    *University of Western Ontario: Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry,*Undergraduate Medical Education

    *University of Toronto: Electives

    Queens University: Undergraduate

    University of Ottawa: http://www.intermed.med.uottawa.ca/S...clerkship.html

    Northern Ontario School of Medicine: Northern Ontario School of Medicine - Northern Ontario Electives Program

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