I am starting a running thread. Hopefully it stays around for a while. When the time is right, hopefully you post your exam results in this thread.

It will be helpful for all people to see the correlations for comp score and USMLE. Hell, even correlate it with Qbank averages.

So plz post results, even if they are old. I assure you, I will when I get my scores.

Also, plz try to keep this thread clean with just scores, so that people can easily view correlations.

Thanks to the brave soul who posts first. I'm sure there will be many to follow. Don't be shy even if your scores are not great, your post will help many.

-KF aka DK

Example of how a post should look:

-Comp score: 68
-Kaplan QBank avg: 72%
-NBME #3: 760
-USMLE 226