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    Third Semester Advice


    I'm sitting here, going over old notes for my third semester final, and I can't help but feel a bit of regret - there are definitely some things I'd have done differently. Here's some advice for those of you who are finishing up second - these are some of the things I did right, and some of the things I wish I had.

    1. Pharmacology is tough and cumulative. For Dr. B's stuff, go through and try to condense his lectures down to a page or so - it'll make reviewing easier. Also, make sure you do ALL of his questions - they're money. This'll probably take most of your time.

    2. Micro is hit and miss - for Dr. A's lectures, type out everything he says in class; that's all you need. Dr. D likes to pull questions from her packet and ppt.s - they have different info. Dr. H is a Godsend - buy her book, especially for parasites. Dr. B means well - he's boring, but listen to everything he says, because you'll see it again.

    3. Path is going to be different for you guys...a lot of folks are leaving. No one wants to hear this, but reading the Robbins chapters really helped me a lot. Do the Review questions from Robbins, and try to summarize the notes.

    4. Behavioral science is a science. Study it like you'd study anything else - it is not DPS on roids. If you treat it like that, it'll bite you.

    5. Use the BRS BehSci as you're going through the course - write notes in it, do whatever helps. When the shelf comes, you'll know why.

    6. BehSci is 5 credits, but it's not spread out equally in the semester - don't blow off your clinical paper (it takes actual research this time), practicing for your interview, or practicing the physical exams. This is one thing I wish I'd done - I blew it off, and spent several weekends at the end doing nothing but practicing - it was time I should have been studying.

    7. Antibiotics are rough. Study Dr. K's packet, and know even what she never mentions in class.

    8. In general, do as many questions as you can get your hands on. This semester is entirely different than what you guys are used to; sure, there's a big picture, but it's a mosaic of often disparate elements and seemingly unconnected details - and it is those details you'll have to know.

    If anyone is looking for some light pre-reading before they dive headlong into 3rd, I'd suggest Dr. B's first few pharm packets (you'll see questions on them in every mini)

    Good luck with everything.
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    My experience is different. I spent wayyy too much time on the paper and practicing for physical exam. Because of it I got rock by MINI3.

    My advice. Do well on the first 2 mini's... you are goin' to need all the cushion you can get.

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