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    General Guidance Questions


    About a month ago I fought threw my insecurities, and decided I wanted to try and become a Doctor. Since then, I have found this site and so far have been soaking up loads of information. Now a brief background: I got my CHPSE, (GED) so I could get out of High School and focus on becoming a professional tennis player. I tried out and made the tennis team at sac state, a division 1 tennis college. I was a 16yr old at college with a bright tennis future, and I was full of myself, then-- I got pummeled. I changed majors, I changed coaches, I changed grips, but nothing worked, in the end I wasn't good enough, and my body couldn't take the rigors of D1 play. I was always interested in medicine, but it had taken a back seat to tennis, and that interest had waned as I sulked in not being able to play tennis professionally, and my grades and GPA are highly indicative of that 4 year sulking period. I still have a semester left, and so far this semester I have made big strides in improving by sub 3 gpa. Ok sorry for rambling, couple quick questions: 1) will the adcom committee take into account being an athlete and starting college at 16? 2) I will have all the pre-req's complete, except for OchemII + lab(I took and passed the first part of the series, then decided I wont need the second so I took Ochem brief lec instead, can that substitute for the second part or is it a strict pre-requiste). 3) & what do I tell my brain when it thinks I'm capable of the rigors of med-school, but I won't be accepted because of a lackluster 5 yrs of college on my transcript. Just looking for some answers/opinions, I've sent Ross an email regarding some of the technical questions, haven't heard back though. O and I plan on smashing and drop-shotting the bejeezes out of the Mcat Summer 09, and applying for Jan, and will be glad with Merp. Also I have been following many of your guys' posts, and I wanted to congratulate JonathanMD for being accepted recently, (I read your whole blog).

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    First off it is good to see another guy from sactown! Im representing Davis to the west
    Anyways dude, we hall have story's similar to the one you have, I would say don't sweat it. Finish your year, enjoy yourself, take the MCAT and kill it and try to apply in the US, either DO or MD. Knowing both our schools I can tell you that the premed counciling isn't that good - and I wasn't really educated as to md/do situation. There are a number of good MD programs in our state, as well as a number of obtainable DO's. Most of the states surrounding Cali dont take california residents so that sucks, but there are a number of others in the midwest and east that seem to like students from there. Try to find a mentor that knows their stuff - not a student run organization who is going to look up where you should apply, but someone with a working knowledge of the application process and see where that gets you. I kinda just applied to MD programs all over based on how many out of state students they took and rolled the dice - got some interviews, some waitlists, then took the first one that accepted me - Ross. Im doing pretty well and dont have any regrets but put in your time researching, and I think it will pay off.
    Congrats on your decision, although Im sure tennis pays more
    if you have any specific questions feel free to ask and Ill do my best to answer
    Go Aggies
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