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    Looking for housing in the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center!!!


    Hi All!
    Im looking for furnished short term housing in the Wyckoff Heights/Brooklyn area...can anyone give me some advice?!?!?!?! Starting my rotation in IM on MONDAY!!!!!!
    Please let me know at neetu.jose@gmail.com

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    See my post (vivmeddoc) in classified, I know Dr. R across wyckoff has a full furnished apt including cable and internet, and TV, across Wyckoff. He usually rent out for student
    his office # is 7188213200 and ask for his secretary-Debbie. She usually in most of the days of the week after 12pm. Or PM me if you need more information
    Good luck
    here is the post before from him:
    2 bedroom apt in brownstone across from wyckoff hospital. Building completely rebuilt and finished in oct 2007. 4 apts in building. Apt's are in A1 condition; oak floors, tv in room, cable and internet provided, full kitchen , completely furnished with brand new furniture. Utilities provided. Air conditioned. Positives-across from hospital. No traveling. Near subway. Restaurants and deli's all around. Quiet. Secure building. My medical office on 1st floor. THERE IS ONE BEDROOM AVAILABLE in apt 3L the other bedroom is taken by a very nice decent male med student. Call my office 718 821 3200. My secretary comes in after 11 am. Other times leave message with answering service. DR. R.
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