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    Cell Phone Use on the Island


    I was wondering if anybody knows what cell phones (companies) have the capability of being used on the island? Basically which company is the best to use when at Ross. I have Sprint service and I know they have an international roaming plan which I can install on my cell phone, but I was wondering if anybody knows which company has the best service and least expensive charges from the island?


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    Cell phones

    Hi F&F,

    As far as I have found out so far (and I could be wrong), but the best idea is to get a cell phone down there from Cable and Wireless and buy prepaid or post paid minutes. I have att, and to boot a GSM phone, which is pretty much useless down there. They explained that GSM is run on one frequency instead of three so basically the service sucks. I also have a digital phone that I could take ( it talks about acceptable brands in the welcome packet) and they can hook it up down there with THEIR service. I have heard some students say that they spend about $50 ec on phone per month. Which doesnt seem too horribly bad.

    Otherwise I think even if you get an international long distance plan (from the US), you will still be paying an arm and a leg for cell usage....

    At least with Dominica service, all incoming calls are free -- however, I think you are then billed per second i/o minute, on outgoing.

    Im from AZ and you are on the east coast - so you may have more options or lower rates where you are. I would call your current service provider for details.

    All students who ahve advised me, have said wait until you get there to set up since they usually run good specials at the beginning of a semester.

    And starting May, I think they have opened up an AT&T in Rosseau, maybe the competition with get them to drop the prices.

    Sad for me, although I currently use AT&T, the At&t down there is an international AT&T and I have been told that they are the same but owned independently, so it benefits me in no way to already have an account with AT&T....... whatever.

    The phone thing is still foggy to me so far -- if i have it right, then i will be setting up my nokia digital cell down there with either Dominica AT&T or Cable and Wireless.

    I just bought my webcam, so my family and I can talk free thru MSN messenger. Pretty cool! Hopefully it works well.

    Hope that helps a little.
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