I'm a 4th semester at Ross. I have all the books that are needed (not all the books that they say are required are actually necessary). I really want to get rid of them before I leave the island so I am willing to give you a really good deal on them. I was careful with my books and they are like new. Email me at laurisa webster @ hotmail. com if your interested (but remove spaces from email address).

I have:
1) Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Moore and Dalley
2) Respiratory Physiology
3) Renal Physiology
4) Endocrine Physiology
5) Cell Physiology
6) Gastrointestinal Physiology
7) Principles of Medical Biochemistry
8) Neuroanatomy "An atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems"
9) Grant's Dissector (Another must)
10) Netter's Clinical Anatomy