For Sale (On Island):
iphone 3g - 270 EC. obo
YES! It's an older model, but it's not like there is 4g on the island anyway. You don't realize how much you need an iphone until you have one! Even here! PM for details.

MSI wind netboook - 270 EC. obo
Perfect for class/mediasiting! Super light and small. Comes with case. PM for details.

Acer Aspire desktop laptop - 900 EC. obo
Great for watching movies at home. Big (I have no idea how many inches) screen that gives you the feeling of having a real desktop. PM for details.

Trendnet Wireless router - 150 EC obo

8 Socket surge protecting power bar
- 60 EC obo

Microsoft mouse
- 30 EC obo
I dislike laptop mouse pads.

PM me for details. Some items may not be available until after mini 3.